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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  September 28, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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gridlock, thousands of cyclist and hit the streets of san francisco for the 20th anniversary of critical mass, reporter kristyn heirs was in the thick of it there by greg justin a few minutes ago you look behind me you concede several dozens there are many thousands of them this evening they converge now at justin herman plaza after taking over the city doing what they do best shutting down the streets and interfering with traffic the paddle and provoke the way to notoriety the leader of the street party known as critical mass celebrated 20 years by taking over san francisco on two wheels. the message from cyclists did your cart ride your bike and have a good time but these rights have been
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controversial drivers of tide to take out cyclist in redwood city one person was attacked in her car, but best known for frustrating drivers and fuelling traffic jams i have to get going on the clock with little or no resistance from police we ask for motorists to be patient officers stood guard at for was to make sure by such a bicyclist and and and stayed off but stood by as bicyclist clashed with drivers mayor willie brown tried to crush the movement to no avail san francisco's police chief has since learned a valuable lesson the better way to handle it is to facilitated and keep moving and that is exactly what officers did tonight there were some clashes at least one report of an accident involving a bicyclist and car but no serious
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clashes this evening and no one hurt that we have heard of. will be interesting to see how much tonight cost. given the 20th anniversary certainly was one of the larger of dance is what police told us this happens once a month but on a larger scale, of the critical mass events north bay community reels from a terrible tragedy 12 year- old girl killed running her bike home from school candles were lit in memory of hayley a rat left don knapp on our friends and family cope with the shock. hundreds gathered under nevada laws broadbills to pay respects to 12 year-old haley ran left of humanity that cares for one another the pain of one family absorbed by the pain of
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all of us haley did not go to school here she was a seventh grader at sinaloa middle school but killed nearby when the bicycle was killed by an s u v a roadside memorial continues to grow throughout the evening to a for classmates held back tears as they spoke of a loss of their fellow student she was kind of light on bullis tomboyish should like tos out sugar cubes but she was so sat she was crying and crying the talk at the memorial turns to the danger of this road it is a thoroughfare and racetrack not only for the high- school kids but easy to just press the pedal to the metal on the street
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when you come back from point risher going 50 mi. an hour and a don't emphasize you don't need to slow down you can see ever body goes 50 at the service a final tribute friends released balloons into the sky. the point about the dangers of this road is well taken we have covered at least two fatalities involving and people and tonight talking to people at this memorial was saw three cars racing bike when moving so fast he was crossing the center on it was very dangerous that is what people are talking about the past to be something about the transition from 55 miles per hour 235. don knapp cbs 5 a bittersweet dedication at zander's crossing officially opened today over their railroad tracks in san jose to year-old zander are ya got hit and killed
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by a passing trend in 2005 today his mother returned to the tracks for the first time since the accident she says this bridge named for sun gives comfort to the family and increased safety for the community now he lives on through the bridge i know he will guide everyone across to the other side the city spent $10 million to build bridge in hopes of avoiding future tragedies new details on the mother police say abandon her 10 year- old daughter during a grocery store shoplifting spree, the search for marcie kielan has taken on an urgency police found out she has an 11 month old son with our tequila and left her daughter at a safeway september 19th police say after the pair loaded up a grocery start and card kaylin told her daughter to run with a car to her car when the wheels of the car locked up
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and workers confronted her the mother took off police say that contact with you in today. she said she is not willing to turn herself and she was with her a 11 month old son, she said that if she did not have for some with their she would kill herself police say kaylin has a history of mental illness and not taking their medications that 10 year-old now with their grandmother and not facing charges. six people recover after a city truck crashed into a building in oakland and s u v and truck collided at 14th and franklin sending the truck into the building the injured included two pedestrians. police are trying to determine which vehicle ran allied a woman an adult daughter safe after a fire tore through their san jose home investigators say a smoke detector save their lives the house on oberland is
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badly damaged the cause under investigation the scout trend adds more trains rider ship set a record high beginning monday to new trends are added and four others restored, the schedule is expanded caltrans averages 50,000 riders each weekday in june. legal action against the u.s. military over sexual assault, 19 current and former members of the military filed suit in san francisco federal court the event ends clan they were harassed direct or assaulted and suffer retaliation when they reported the incident. so many people in the military afraid to report if they report they are designated as having a personality disorder, they are discharged from the military a career stopper. the lawsuit names top
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defense officials including leon panetta. the number of college grads defaulting on student loans is soaring last year 9 percent of borrowers defaulted within two years of the first payment 3075000 students missed payments for nine straight months lots of college students get to give financial aid on debit cards it saves the school monday it saves the school money. sharon chin found out the aid is gobbled up by feast 20 mi. off our she travels to find an atm that will give him financial aid without a fee 3540 minutes out of my way one direction to go to an atm the san joaquin delta college student like millions across the country receives a
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thrill hire one debit cards you can access through an atm but it unless it is a higher one at&t will pay fees, 50ยข if you sort but as a debit card use in your pan on top of whatever the merchant charges and $10 a month if your account remains inactive for six months or longer but it feels predatory a research group feels students have a choice to get the old fashion financial a check or direct deposit hire one uses scare tactics they tell students of the one money as soon as available the only way to do that is to get the money and hire one debit card one student filed a class action suit arguing unfair practices after the fdic reached an $11 million settlement for unfair and deceptive practices the company launched a new
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account you play a fat fee to avoid other fees. that adds up to $59 a year more than the average the $49 that hire 1 says most newspaper that is money man for education not to be siphoned off by profits for banks the card was traded back to yale graduate 2000 the company responded to our question and an e-mail saying their program allows students to receive funds faster there are no hidden fees colleges and universities save millions to go electronic and the account is cheaper than the top for national banks and a prepaid cards we survey ever quarter. i close the account going back to the old fashion way of student aid it's ridiculous to get away with this deal it is highway
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robbery that is a lot of money for students what about the schools that are signing up for the program the american association of community colleges had no comment san joaquin delta college said it signed up because of students get financial aid quicker and cuts down on check fraud hire one says it will consider waiving fees on students at the tracy campus. sharon chin cbs 5 roads and landmarks misplaced and missing in the new apple maps at. a suggestion from the company's ceo put in the bread on red light cameras what communities will have to deal with the one to use them to police intersections we still been unable to contact him a property owner disappears and leaves behind a crisis for neighbors.
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get the brunt of jokes and the band of by a felon users to today and apology from apple ceo tim cook over its flawed maps at. it was unveiled last week to replace google maps in the new i phone 5, the problem is many of the maps are wrong or incomplete even the golden gate bridge to have that 4 mi. off. and they live here. cook it makes the product fall short while the company works on a fixed he encourages people to use third-party apps
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including who will maps. which is what they had on there in the first place. in the texas town of jackson tell you pan around it is in front of a landmark building in front of taco bell. what is that. a ufo? no one can explain that certain and not people in jacksonville google is not commenting cities love them drivers hate them red light cameras and forced traffic laws, now the state is imposing restrictions reporter linda yee on how to drivers will be happy and cities not so much. caught on camera blowing through a red light and expensive fine can top $500, they say cameras don't lie but for derek gill they didn't five times
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the license plate number one letter different a computer glitch center the tickets and a lot is not make it easy to fight the fine. technology can fail and does state senator joseph an 80 and change the rules that is a victory for drivers make it easier to fight wrongfully issued tickets cities must locate the cameras based on safety it prohibits the use of red light cameras just to make money require warning signs and answered snits tickets when an innocent ticket recipient not be required to identify the actual driver who committed a violation the new rules, put the brakes on red light cameras it is still considered a safety to all drivers will get a fair shake linda yee cbs 5 it has the name fit for los angeles carmageddon last year
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the freeway closure turn out to be over high cruz warned this weekend's sequel could be at headache authority shut down a 10 mi. stretch of the 4 05 at midnight it is not scheduled to reopen until 6:00 a.m. monday morning closures of crews to demolish a bridge. the iran's may come and bring new worries for a marin deborah and the property in san anselmo has been washing away and the owner does nothing about it don ford with two was taking action. in san anselmo plans a takeover what it wants to get its hands on this property on scene and gavin a the problem it is a hazard the city has been looking for the owner. he has not been in contact with us he needs to come back to his back to his own in pakistan
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serious problems frighten the neighbors. the city was forced to step in and save the street and homes, holding that the mud with concrete barriers and protecting the slope. that was a year and a half ago on with been unable to contact him with gone to the council and asked it be declared a public nuisance it was on the sound gears up to make permanent repairs including a retaining wall to regret the slow and control vegetation to control of a mud slide. in neighbors are grateful it will look nice it is a good piece of property but an eye sore now san anselmo says they're not doing this for free as remove 40 we can take possession of the property to
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get our money back san anselmo officials plan to work next month and that is fine neighbors say as long as they finish before the rains begin. don ford cbs 5 this considered a flea market miracle of virginia woman bought this renoir painting for $7 she was going to sell it at auction for a big payoff as much as $75,000 police learned the painting was stolen six decades ago the baltimore museum of art as a theft report from 1951 the fbi is on the case and tomorrow's auction postponed. a peak of what we have outside mainly cloudy skies and quite chilly, quite a contrast from this weekend a heat watch in effect and
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friday almost the weekend by the end of the weekend you'll wonder the change of the weather many stayed in the '60s by the end of the weekend many in the triple digits. a beautiful shot of the full moon outside. maybe you noticed it outside as well. on sunday and monday and goliath eat were under an excessive heat watch for every inland valley in the bay area from santa rosa to san jose the weather service hints it may extend through tuesday will be in the 90s and one hundreds many new record highs and the interior valleys the warmest weather this year. san jose to degrees above the record of 97 and livermore may hit 105 degrees monday. it is chilly outside now 59 at
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concord, 56 san jose, something has to change to go from the '50s and '60s to triple digits. high pressure where it needs to be that starts the heat engine it turns on tomorrow will see inland highs get to the '90s than sunday lasting for three days low pressure to the south a second heat engine offsets the offshore wind. for tomorrow, we don't have the excessive heat watch yet but will be warmer oakland up to 76 concord 93, san jose and 87 sunnyvale 86, morgan hill 92, hayward 81. 90s walnut creek. vallejo in the mid '80s dublin high of 94. sunday the warmest day san rafael still at 84 san francisco
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70, 79 san leandro, for the forecast sunday through tuesday triple digits in an highs near 90 highs approached 80 at the coast sports now. the giants get a scare in san diego buster posey takes a ball off his adam's apple are the cuckoo for cocoa you bet coco crisp missed 10 games for and with an injury and no vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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the a's started and ended the day staying two games ahead
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of angels for a wild-card spot five games left. brendan mccarthy the robert altman clemente award nominee. welcome back coco crisp out of the lineup after missing 10 games a homer to right gets the a's on the board. tied at one in the third, a shot that does not come back with the a's up for good they won it 8-3. rookie a.j. griffin his seventh win. the a's are rolling. giants at san diego buster posey took a ball off his throat stayed in the gang because he's tough. sandoval's tough as well pop logos art in the third the base of the board giants beat the
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